Beowulf Kingsley

Tom Waits and John Cage are mudwrasslin' in the pond while Dr. John stirs up a pot of gumbo on the bank. Burt Bacharach experiments with a 12-string guitar he borrowed from Carlos Jobim. The Eels look on approvingly, but stay well back in the bushes. Meanwhile, out in the woods, Petula Clark and Cthuhlu plot to take over the world.




The title refers not only to the cover, or to the collage of looping and live music often used in my compositons, but also to the attempts at creating an original sound from the various styles and influences that I've absorbed over the course of my life. All the people who've touched me, that I've learned from and looked up to, they've all helped me create myself. And hopefully, I'm helping others do that as well. I was certainly helped on this album by my friends from the Theme Music Collective, who played on this...Christo Harris, Gayle Graizarro, Debra Tala, Peter McDade and of course my friend and collaborator Carey Anne Farrell from the Danger Noodle band. I think that their talents contributed greatly to the psychedelic, rocking leanings of this recording, as well as to  some of the spaceier and more contemplative offerings. I had great fun making this one, and I hope you'll like it as well! Take a listen and you'll see what I mean.


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Where The River Meets The Sea

We're all on the river, drifting slowly home. And eventually we get there, too. Many new stylistic departures...Bossa Nova, Gypsy Jazz, Old-School R&B, Underground Pop...and that's just the first four songs. Much musing on life, mortality, The Meaning Of The Universe and whether the Devil's underwear can give you magical powers feature on this album. Cool tunes, some funny, some heartbreaking, some hopeful. The next step in the unlikely evolution of Beowulf Kingsley, fictional character, Superstar and animal lover. You'll like this one, I hope.


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The Word From The Swamp

Beowulf's album, "The Word From The Swamp", is a fiesta of tunes that display his roots in Rockabilly, Zydeco, Blues, Swamp Pop, Rock, Country and Swing Music, along with a few things that might be hard to categorize into any normal genre. There's fun stuff on this one! Pairs well with sipping Absinthe in your houseboat on the bayou, dancing wildly around the Samhain Bonfire, or partying at the roadside BBQ. CAUTION: repeated listens may result in desires to play Guitar, Saxophone or Accordion. Be advised. Available on all streaming platforms, or on CD. More information on songs, lyrics, commentary and personnel available at the Bandcamp site!

Lyrics, Notes, Credits, Downloads and Free Listening at Bandcamp HERE.



Arphus Schmarphus Horkus Porkus

"This is a peach of a CD, all Psychedelic Whimsy, Funk Rhythms and Fluid Guitar Lines. It's nesting on a borderline between Psych, Whimsy and Jam Band, and is full of constant twists and turns, sometimes reminiscent ot the inhabitants of Planet Gong." 

          Scott Hamilton, 

           Zeitgeist Magazine 


"Arphus Shmarphus  is a trip from the past straight into the present. Beowulf and his band are a group of entertaining, multitalented players...a whole slew of great songwriting, and Kingsley's wonderfully twisted sense of humor throughout." 

          Jeff Fitzgerald 

          Aural Innovations

Soon To Be Reprinted!