Beowulf Kingsley

Tom Waits and John Cage are mudwrasslin' in the pond while Dr. John stirs up a pot of gumbo on the bank. Burt Bacharach experiments with a 12-string guitar he borrowed from Carlos Jobim. The Eels look on approvingly, but stay well back in the bushes. Meanwhile, out in the woods, Petula Clark and Cthuhlu plot to take over the world.



Alien At The Party

Welcome, my friends, to my 11th solo album! That seems so crazy. But so much seems crazy these days. This recording appears to be a return to what my friend and collaborator Carey Farrell calls my “Spooky Western Mystic Stuff”. I'll confess I never really know what they'll be like until they're done, but I think this one turned out really well! Perhaps you will too, or at least I hope so.


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Atomic Weasel Ball

Here's something you may not have seen...this is an album that I actually finished in 2011. I was planning on getting it mastered and released, and then a series of family crises totally distracted my attention to the degree that I forgot all about these tracks. My friend and Mastering Engineer Chris Goosman was able to retrieve them, and brush off the dust and cobwebs, and I think they sound pretty darn good!! At this point I was just starting to enjoy creative mixing and loop manipulation to enhance the arrangements, and the recordings reflect that. I enjoy these songs, especially since they've reappeared after so long!! I hope you do, too. 

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You Know You Know

Where The River Meets The Sea

The Word From The Swamp

Arphus Schmarphus Horkus Porkus

Soon To Be Reprinted!