About Us

The Reptile House Records Crew

When I started Reptile House (over 22 years ago!) I was just looking for a way to deliver my music to my friends, and to perhaps appear more legit to critics and the music industry. I never expected it to morph into what it became...not just a record label, but a series of connections and collaborations with amazing beings from around the world. Time and space are transcended by the powers of digital technology and the bonds of friendship. Creativity is the driving engine that keeps this lovely mad clown car careening down the road. And while I'm still not remotely legit with the critics and the industry, I don't care about that now. I want to play with my friends, to create crazy castles of vibrating air that can amuse, delight and touch people, and to help other people who feel the same way. I'd like to thank all my pals and players, real and imaginary, analog and digital, who make this thing possible. Let's do more of this real soon!


          - Todd Antony Perkins